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Personal Fulfillment and Emotional Healing

Feel happier and more fulfilled by learning to control your emotional state and make positive changes faster and easier.

The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we habitually repeat strongly impact the quality of our life. Therefore, it is critically important that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are aligned with what we want out of life. 


Unfortunately, far too many people are trained from an early age to focus on their fears, anxieties, and what they don't want to happen.  This misplaced focus often distracts us from the changes we need to make to lead a happier, more enjoyable life. 

Hypnotherapy is not psychotherapy. Hypnosis is used to help clients modify negative beliefs and behavior patterns that get in the way of finding the best solutions to enhance their life.


Through the use of hypnotherapy, clients learn to better manage their emotional states and make positive changes faster and more smoothly.

  • Calm anxious, worried, and sad feelings

  • Move past feelings of guilt, shame, and regret

  • Let go of anger and resentment

  • Be more assertive, determined and persistant

  • Stop procrastinating

  • Forgive yourself and others

  • Improve self-esteem, confidence, and self-acceptance

  • Be more positive and optimistic

  • Increase your enthusiasm and sense of adventure

  • Find meaning and purpose

  • Spiritual exploration

  • Learning to thrive after major life transitions

    • job loss and career transitions

    • separation and divorce

    • new phase of life (new parent, empty nest, entering retirement, etc)

“[In the world of mental health], there is probably nothing else as self-empowering as hypnosis…It is not a therapy in itself, but it’s a strong adjunctive technique that takes any other therapeutic technique and makes it better.”

Eric Willmarth, Ph.D., Former President of the American Psychological Association’s Society of Psychological Hypnosis

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